Level System
At Evolve Salon & Spa, our prices reflect the service provider's expertise and demand, ranging from Entry Level to Level 6. When booking your appointment, please be sure to ask about your service provider's level, as prices will vary.

Level 4-5-6
These top level stylists have outstanding skill and are considered genuine artists. These stylists have years of experience, advanced training, and many hours behind the chair. They are in high demand and have built a full clientele. Most of these stylists are educators in our salon, sharing their expert knowledge with our lower-level stylists.

Level 2-3
Level 2 and 3 stylists have earned their way with education and experience. They have met Evolve Salons standards and have clearly displayed their knowledge and competence. Level 2's and 3's have a strong commitment to ongoing education and seeking out new inspiration.

Level 1
Level 1's have met Evolve Salon's standards for their skill and respectability. Ongoing education is a consistent theme as these stylists commit to doing their best and growing their expertise. When referring your friends and family, please consider referring them to one of these talented stylists to help them reach their goals and grow their business.

Entry Level
At times we may have licensed stylists going through our Assistant training program who is available to provide quality services with the coaching of one of our Top Level Stylists. An Entry Level stylist may also be a stylist in the State of Michigan Apprenticeship program. An Apprentice is a student working toward their Cosmetology License under the instruction of one of our Top Level stylists. Seeing an apprentice would be similar to going to a Beauty School to receive services from a student under the supervision of an instructor.  

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